Our story

"A product of Arizona living. Born and raised, we decided we wanted to help our community. Using knowledge of organic chemistry and natural health, the healing powers of CBD caught our eye. We planned a way to inform others about the life-changing benefits of CBD, and out of those plans kokopelli CBD was born. Our products contain clinical strength dosages of hemp-derived CBD isolate, formulated into luxurious cosmetic items. Not only will you feel better using our products, you will live better, too. "

-Lazy Labs LLC

kokopelli CBD by Lazy Labs

With the innovative mind of a medicinal chemist, we create natural products and safe formulas that provide relief and joy to people's lives. The uses of CBD vary from person to person, so the experience depends on your own personal mindfulness.

We use the power of natural chemistry to create products that will help you sidestep traditional pharmaceutical interventions. Your body, and your pets, will benefit tremendously from incorporating a routine that includes kokopelli CBD in your daily life.

We are currently supplying several coconut oil tinctures, skin cream, moisturizing salve, roll-on, and bath bombs. Additionally, there is a coconut oil tincture available for pets - and pets love our CBD.

If you have any questions about what CBD is or what to use it for, we are always ready to help at lazylabscbd@gmail.com