Engaging the innovative mind of a medicinal chemist, we create natural products and safe formulas that provide relief and joy to people's lives. Producing the strongest CBD products on the market, our formulations contain clinical strength dosages of CBD to help treat a wide variety of common daily living ailments. The uses of CBD vary from person to person, so the experience depends on your own personal mindfulness.

We use the power of natural chemistry to create products that will help you sidestep traditional pharmaceutical interventions. Your body, and your pets, will benefit tremendously from incorporating a routine that includes kokopelli CBD in your daily life.

Clinical Strength CBD

kokopelli CBD products have been used to help treat inflammation, pain, illness, sleeplessness, anxiety, and much more.

kokopelli CBD products are strong, clinical strength dosages of pure hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) with no synthetic additives. These products give results. Not available at your local store, our customers purchase our CBD line for when they want to truly feel the benefits of CBD to target and address their homeopathic and naturopathic needs.

When all else fails, kokopelli CBD thrives.

Chemist Formulated

kokopelli CBD supplements are designed by a Medicinal Chemist who has embraced homeopathic and naturopathic methods for attaining pharmaceutical-level results.

Our formulations are the strongest and cleanest on the market, and are capable of delivering desirable results when used properly.

Our customers, and their pets, have benefitted tremendously from incorporating kokopelli CBD into their daily routines.